Cycloidal Speed Reducer

– Compact shape: compact structure, small size, light weight, size standardization.

– Transmission ratio, transmission efficiency: A: 11 ~ 87;Sec: 121 – 7569;Three sections: 990 ~ 658 503;

– Carrying capacity, good stability: smooth operation, low noise, can be attached to the brake, and torque limiter installation


TRANSCYKO T600 (new T800) series cycloid pin wheel reducer sold in the past experience, proved to be an efficient reducer, it can replace the traditional involute gear and worm gear.

Cycloidal reducer rolling ratchet principle, it reduces the sliding friction and vibration, the torque transmission, there are more teeth to bear.Its efficiency up to 92% or more period of time, up to 85% when the Sec (a ratio of 87 or less, the ratio of Sec 7569 or less).

As a result of planetary cycloid cycloid gear tooth together to achieve a multi-tooth ratchet gear while the capacity of up to 67%, and to avoid the possibility of broken teeth, so the structure of cycloid reducer can not afford other 500% anti-overload.



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