Gear Coupling

Gear Coupling


Gear Coupling takes the method of coupling by linking sleeve and Hub With shaft and our gear coupling adoped AGMA method(U.S.A) in manufacturing of gear which is the most imporant in gear Coupling so that we can maintain high quality in product.

1). Light weight, small size, long life and very little loss of transmitting power.

2). It prevents leakage of lubricants by using gasket at the connection point, and it’s convenient to set by concavo-convex style.

3). Gear Coupling permits parallel, angular and end floating misalignments by crown gear form of hub tooth.
* The driving and driven shafts are parallel to each other, but not on the same straight line.

*The driving and driven shafts cross to each other with an angle an the same straight line.

*The driving and driven shafts slide sliqhtly each other on the center line.

4). The coupling made of S45C has a good endurance to high speed and peak load and we can use some special materials.




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