TSG Gearbox

– Compact shape: box size increases, use new diversion fan cover.

– Gearbox output shaft means:solid shaft, hollow shaft single bond, splined hollow shaft, hollow shaft locking keyboard.

– Select from the following accessories According to condition:backstop (single direction), oil pump, fuel, cooling fans, oil coolers, etc.


TSG gearbox is designed to meet the demands of heavy load gear motor, its performance characteristics are as follows:

  1. Modular design structure, components and specifications to reduce the amount of increase in types, can provide a small space to install the flange shaft, using high performance non-contact and wear of the labyrinth is the seal;
  2. Increases the cooling area of ​​the box, using a new type of diversion fan cover, thermal performance;
  3. Low noise, to achieve a large tooth contact ratio.
  4. Installation flexibility, provides a vertical, horizontal, vertical and adapt a variety of installation of the box.



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